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NCP engineering Releases New Windows Enterprise Client
Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 03:56:49 PM


NCP Optimizes VPN Enterprise Client with New Home Zone and VPN Bypass Features

Mountain View, CA (November 30, 2016) – NCP engineering released today the Windows Enterprise Client version 10.11. The new VPN Enterprise Client offers added value for users and IT administrators with its Home Zone and VPN Bypass features. These features offer a solution for more flexibility in both home office and corporate IT environments.

With Home Zone feature, a special user profile is used for the home office network. Users can simply click the Home Zone button and the correct network configuration is made automatically. This includes special firewall rules set up by administrators which only apply when the user is in their home office. This feature also offers users the ability to access their printer or scanner in the home office network.

With the added bypass function in the NCP VPN Enterprise, IT administrators can configure the client by individual applications. Administrators can choose which applications are exempt from the VPN, and data can be sent over the Internet even when split tunneling is disabled. This offers the advantage of applications, such as video streaming, no longer overwhelming the server with terabytes of data.

“Providing the capability to work remotely from home, in the field or another office while maintaining security and compliance can often be difficult task for corporate IT,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP engineering. “The new VPN Enterprise Client is intuitive, making it effortless to connect to remote network resources without compromising the user experience. The bypass feature also allows IT administrators to choose which applications are exempt from the VPN, such as video streaming. This frees up bandwidth and the typical drain on network resources.”

NCP Secure Enterprise Solutions offer a scalable, hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN gateway and a management system (SEM) to support organizations’ entire remote access infrastructure. A Remote Access solution is included to secure all communications to the corporate network while allowing IT administrators to monitor for anomalies and centrally manage issues as they arise, such as immediately revoking access in case of a breach.

In addition to the Windows Enterprise Client, the company is also releasing the NCP Windows Entry Client. Compatible with leading VPN gateways and firewalls from Cisco, Check Point and Fortinet, the Windows Entry Client runs on Windows 10, 8.x, 7, or Vista. It includes all of the functionality of the Windows Enterprise Client except for the capability to be centrally managed. As a one-click solution, the IPsec client software automatically selects the appropriate firewall policy, controls internet connectivity, and initiates setup of a VPN tunnel.

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