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NCP engineering Improves Enterprise Remote Access Security with Enhanced Managed VPN Client for Android
Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 02:19:04 PM


New Version Allows Customer-Specific Profile Configurations and a Simplified Interface.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - February 25, 2014 - NCP engineering today announced that a new version of its Secure Enterprise Client for Android has been added to its enterprise product portfolio. The NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android version 2.32, which supports Android 4.0 and future operating system updates, is now available for purchase through NCP’s network of reseller partners and distributors.

The latest version of NCP’s centrally managed Android IPsec VPN Client enables the Android application package file (APK) to also be used to distribute customer-specific connection profiles. When used with NCP’s Secure Enterprise Management (SEM) system, the customer-specific APK facilitates easy distribution of a customer’s initial configuration settings as an app or through company app stores. The new version of the client also features a simplified interface that improves the process of entering certificate PINs with its new numeric keypad, and ability to, in certain circumstances, use the “return” key to enter a username, password or token from an SMS Advanced Authentication system.

Key Facts

  • The NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android ensures highly secure Remote Access to corporate networks from all Android applications, including terminal-server clients and e-mail clients, among other essential business applications. The software also supports all technical communications and security standards including Internet Key Exchange (IKE) v1 and 2, IP address assignment via local IP address or IKE config mode, pre-shared key or PKCS#12 certificate support, XAUTH, and split and full tunneling network access.
  • Like the Entry and Premium editions of the NCP Secure Clients for Android, this version also preserves battery power, is compatible with all common VPN gateways (such as those from Cisco, Juniper, WatchGuard, Checkpoint and Microsoft Server 2008 R2) and does not require rooting of the operation system. The graphical user interface of the IPsec VPN Client ensures easy handling, and it is very simple to import existing VPN configurations.
  • The NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM) system enables network administrators to centrally manage and support enterprises’ entire Remote Access infrastructure. The NCP SEM solution secures all communications to the corporate network from Android and other major operating systems while also allowing IT administrators to monitor for anomalies in real-time and revoke access in case of a breach.

Supporting Quote

  • “With BYOD showing no signs of slowing down, and Android’s leading market share growing, it’s crucial for enterprises to have employee-owned devices equipped with the proper secure Remote Access technologies,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, General Manager, NCP engineering. “The NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android, when used in conjunction with NCP’s central VPN Management, seamlessly integrates these devices into the company-wideRemote Access infrastructure. The central management capabilities these clients provide to network administrators allow a fully automated, highly secure Remote Access environment to safeguard against all the threats that come inherent to Android devices.”
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